About Zworkout

Hi and welcome to my personal training page!

My story

Aged 15, I joined my local gym in Italy and quickly fell in love with the competitive environment. I began by doing bodybuilding but moved onto Olympic weightlifting shortly afterwards. I’ve been an active athlete and coach for several years and today still compete in the Masters’ category (British Champion 2011 and 2012 @85kg).

Twenty years on and I’ve had the pleasure and fortune to train with and be coached by first class athletes and use first-hand knowledge and practice to enrich my personal training sessions. As a trainer and coach, my professional focus is on strength and conditioning, weight loss or weight gain management, increasing flexibility and energy levels. I love assisting people to achieve their fitness ambitions. Their success is also my success.

The here-and-now

I see far too many people training for years on end without getting the results they want. Motivating yourself and following a training programme is not always easy. Just ask any professional athlete! Taking yourself to the next level takes knowledge. Perseverance. Commitment. Improving your results by doing the same thing in the same way is not the answer but it is the experience of most clients that I see. And I break that cycle and help them progress further. Whether you are a teenager or adult, CrossFit or other sport-specific athlete, I am here to support your training past the mental and physical barrier that we put up between our present and better selves.

Sport is also so much more than physical exercise, health and fitness. It influences character and offers opportunities for growth. I would like to thank Alessandro Komadina, Giles Greenwood, Dino Marcuz, Pantelis Filikidis, Patrick Atteridge and Martin Bass for coaching me in sport and life and helping me become a confident and responsible coach.

I hope my passion for sport will inspire you too and we can embark on your training journey together.




Advanced Gym Instructor (REPS L3)

Olympic Weightlifting Club Coach (BWL L2)

Greenwood Weightlifting Instructor

CrossFit Level 1 Instructor

Optimal Life Fitness Kettlebell Instructor

Boxercise Instructor

Obesity Management certified (REPS L4)

Nutrition and Weight Management certified (REPS L3)

First Aid certified