“I have trained in martial arts for years on and off and have always thought of myself as being fit. However, I neglected strength training and even when I was in a fitness gym I didn’t lift as I didn’t know where to start when it came to free weights. After mulling it over for a while, I booked a course with Sauro. But before doing so, I researched potential coaches as I am very fussy about who I take tuition from. Naturally I only want to work with the most skilled and experienced coach.
Eight lessons in, I am very pleased with my training with Sauro. He has correctly identified my personal weaknesses and has tailored the program towards building strength and flexibility where required. I have made a lot of progress and am looking forward to continuing to improve my strength and flexibility (which also will improve my posture). The work varies between focusing on lifting technique and more intensive exercise sets which have pushed me to come out of my comfort zone and work harder than I ever have before. Sauro isn’t simply there to cheer you on; like all good teachers, he is a perfectionist and he expects the best from you too. I now am won over to the benefits of free weights and I have strongly recommend Sauro to anyone out there looking for a coach.” -Ray Scallion

“Our 11 year old son has been involved in various athletic endeavors, CrossFit and lifting for several years now. Since moving to London, he has been training with Sauro twice a week. The progress he has made in the just the first 3 months has been amazing. His technique has improved 100%, as have his strength, confidence and coordination.
Sauro demonstrates an impressive ability to combine strict firmness as a coach with a great sense of humour and friendliness that inspires our son to work hard in the gym, as well as practice his “homework” outside the gym. In Sauro, we have found a trustworthy mentor and role model for our boy. My wife and I are both incredibly proud of his accomplishments thus far, and we consider our family fortunate to have met Sauro, and to have him as a coach.” – Rich & Ellie

“I have had a significant back injury for more than a decade and have worked with numerous professionals such as physios and osteopaths throughout that time but still managed to lose ground with regards to strength, flexibility and movement despite efforts. I contacted Sauro I guess somewhat controversially as I felt more traditional methods had failed and that I might gain by tackling the problem “head on” through Olympic Weightlifting. Training with Sauro has been life-changing. He plans meticulously, afterwards he sends through videos and notes, he is risk-adverse with regards to injury but very knowledgeable with regards rehabilitation and his technical expertise is unquestioned. After just 6 months I feel the best I have been for over a decade and I have become a complete convert to the sport. My health has never been better. Sauro stays focused throughout each session to ensure I train with proper technique and to avoid aggravating my
weaknesses. Most importantly I just enjoy each session; Olympic Weightlifting is a real buzz. Who knew?!
” – Kaye

“I’m moving to Australia in the new year and gave Sauro the unenviable task of getting me ready to do Crossfit in a 6 -8 week time frame. Whilst being fit and able to do some basic squats, I had upper back and shoulder as well as co-ordination issues that meant this would not be an easy. Sauro is a great coach explaining techniques in a clear easy way. He is not one to praise easily, and make’s sure you get techniques perfect. So you know that “good” means something! Sauro made sure I picked myself off the floor when I was tired and challenged me to move out my comfort zone. I’m really pleased with the progress I’ve made. I know how to do exercises with proper breathing technique, mastering positions I never thought possible. And I’ve been able to save money on physio bills as my shoulder/back has improved considerably and I’m not out collapsing on the floor any more!” – Nick

“Thanks so much for all your help leading up to the competition! Going back a year I would have never thought that the numbers that I got yesterday were achievable.
Thanks so much for everything. Heres to the next one! – Mark

“I first started training with Sauro 4 months ago, originally as a one off induction to Olympic weightlifting. He is a very knowledgable trainer and his passion for weightlifting has allowed me to begin competing in the sport, something I would never have imagined I’d be able to do. It has given me a new strength, confidence and focus.
Sauro will note individualities in different body types and talents and pick out even the smallest detail in technique and form.
Most importantly I have enjoyed every session.” – Rachel

“I have trained with Sauro for a couple of months now, and can’t say enough good things about him! He has a no-nonsense and results oriented approach to training, with a “tough love” approach to match, but still manages to keep training positive and fun. He is also a walking encyclopaedia of body mechanics and sports injuries (and how to overcome them), and tailors training to strengthen and rehabilitate any weaknesses.

My training sessions are always meticulously planned in advance, and vary from technique and strength training to circuit training and cardio, interspersed with my personal “favourites” such as wall balls, burpees and sled runs. Regardless of the type of exercise (or your love/hate relationship with that particular exercise), Sauro will push you to improve and move your limits just that bit further, and is 100% committed to ensuring that you get as much as possible out of each session.

I have trained with a number of PTs both in London and abroad, and Sauro is by far the most knowledgable, effective and professional trainer I have worked with – highly recommended!” – Thea

“I have been working with Sauro for ~6 months on Olympic lifting and strength training. Sauro has the perfect combination of deep technical expertise, practical coaching skills and the ability to know just how hard to push you to drive significant improvements but keeping it fun and injury free at the same time. If you’re looking for huge technical improvements and major strength gains, I highly recommend training with Sauro”. – Jeff

“Sauro is a true professional when it comes to personal training and it shows day in and day out.  I’ve been mainly (but not exclusively) doing Olympic weight training with Sauro for going on two years.  The training is not limited to the one hour sessions I pay him for.  He spends his own time editing and annotating video clips of my lifts, sending links for equipment and going out of his way to be flexible with my schedule.  He has a better memory of my PBs than I do.  He knows more about what I can & can’t, should & shouldn’t do than I do.  And, he has his own way of pushing you to do better.  In Olympic weight training there’s no hiding.  I’m light years ahead of where I started and Sauro’s infectious passion for the sport has kept me going.” – Steven

“When you train with Sauro, he demands 100% focus and commitment. Every session is intense and totally exhausting, but the hard work is justified by the progress you make. Whilst Sauro’s approach to training is tough and uncompromising, he is, at all times, friendly and supportive, resulting in a client-coach dynamic that is extremely positive and effective.

I approached Sauro to help me improve my speed and power for medium/long-distance running. Over a short period of time, through a tailored programme of weightlifting and plyometric workouts, I’ve knocked minutes off my 10k and half marathon times and remained injury-free throughout. The extra strength and endurance I’ve gained has given me the impetus to compete in tougher running challenges, including multi-terrain, ultra-marathons.” – Oliver

“I’ve been working with Sauro for a couple of months now on olympic lifting and strength training.
He’s helped me improve my technique and strength immensely. In the first session he checked what I wanted to achieve and then worked out a nice training plan of which he keeps track throughly. Since I travel a lot, he gives me a training plan with the equipment that is at hand during trips, to make sure I keep on improving.
Sauro is seriously the best trainer I know and have worked with. He knows what he’s doing, since he has years of experience as a competitive olympic lifter and really takes his time to work with me. I’m fitter, stronger and lift more weights than ever before, thanks to Sauro.” – Marco

“Combining great coaching skills and tough love, Sauro will make you work harder than you believed you could, and help you achieve more than you expected.

He’ll scale the workout to your level, and take you through it step by step. But if you like things to be nice and easy, get another trainer. If you want to discover how powerful you can be, and go further than you thought possible, Sauro is your guy.” – Ingemar

“3 months ago I was struggling with progression in crossfit. I was finding on the more technical lifts i wasnt improving at all. I started training with Sauro mainly to improve my technique in the snatch and clean and jerk. I have come a long way now after only 3 months and have almost doubled my pb’s and become stronger in all aspects of lifting. My normal sessions last 1.5hrs and consist of technical drills and on to heavier lifting sets. Sauro is a great motivator and expert in his field and i would recommend his training to anyone that wants to take training more seriously.” – Kris

I met Sauro through my work gym, who believed he could help me get ripped for my holiday to Brazil in 6-weeks. I have done weights for many years, but lacked motivation and direction in my routines. Sauro noted that my physique suited bodybuilding and so he built me a bespoke diet and exercise plan in order to keep as much muscle as possible but lose fat.
His one-on-one approach means that the work I’m doing is a lot more focused and effective than if I was simply left to my own devices. After a few weeks I noticed significant improvements in my physique and it soon became very clear that I had been missing a personal trainer.

Sauro is very enthusiastic and a good motivator, always pushing and believing in my ability. He knows the level of detail required in order to achieve success, adjusting the exercises performed each week, the amount of reps and rest between sets and building me a daily meal planner right up until the day of my holiday. Through the success of my initial personal training with Sauro he has inspired me to take my bodybuilding further aiming for a competition in the summer of 2011.

In short, Sauro can help you achieve the body you have always wanted, giving you much more confidence in your personal life!” – Nick

“Sauro has a very holistic approach to training and although my programme is focused on Olympic weightlifting, he gives advice and guidance on a range of physical health issues including posture and nutrition. Sauro always explains the exercises to me, pointing out which areas I'm working, and how that benefits me while making sure I am performing them correctly and safely.

The training programme is constantly evaluated to make sure that I am challenging myself and areas that need more focus are not overlooked. Sauro is very positive, motivating and always makes sure the classes are held in a fun environment.

He will always push me when I think I’ve reached my limit and he’ll encourage me to try a bit more when I would have given up long before. He makes me believe I can do it and I most definitely do. He is always enthusiastic about every little progress I make and even if I have a bad training day he will get me to make the most of it and praise me for my persevering.

Sauro clearly loves what he does and it always shows but his methods should not be confused with pampering. You need to work hard, constantly push yourself and move past the mental block of ‘no can’t do’. Otherwise, you’re better off going back to the treadmill.” – Anna

“I found out about Sauro because I started doing crossfit at Crossfit Central London where Sauro runs Olympic lifting classes. I have never done Olympic lifting before and my technique and flexibility when lifting was really bad even though I have been training in a gym for 4 years. Lifting is one of the core exercises in crossfit and I really needed to learn the technique.
I have been lifting with Sauro since September 2010 and I enjoy a great deal. It has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve found Sauro to be an incredibly knowledgeable trainer who has a true passion for his work. He has developed & tailored a special program for me to strengthen the muscles used in Olympic lifting and improving my technique. Without his guidance and training skills I wouldn’t have improved as fast as I’m doing when attending his Olympic lifting classes. The progress is amazing.

Sauro is always well prepared and keeps things interesting with no training session ever being exactly the same. He’s also a very considerate person, who never hesitates going the extra mile for me to achieve my individual fitness goals. Sauro provides just the right amount of motivation for me to push myself just a little bit more to go beyond what I think I can do. He actually makes the whole training process fun and I look forward to the challenge he offers me each session I have with him.

Sauro is very professional and a very knowledgeable trainer and I highly recommend him if you need help with your training. He really motivates you and works you hard so that the next couple of days you are sore in places you never knew you had muscles!

I’m so glad that I’ve started working out with Sauro and I have already learned more about Olympic lifting than I would have done in years on my own. Thanks a lot Sauro!” – Tim

“Sauro is an excellent trainer, coach, and motivator. Each time I train with him, he excels at pushing me to my personal limits and beyond, resulting in massive improvements in fitness and strength. His technical coaching combined with his direct approach have helped push my strength to new levels. I have been a competitive athlete my whole life and the fitness and strength improvements that I have experienced while working with Sauro are second to none”. – Eric